Why Crayons?

My name is Sabine, founder of All of Us crayons and I am so grateful you are here.

I believe, with all of my heart, when we embrace the diversity of human beings, we are allowing ourselves to live fully and receive all the tools that connect us to joy, love and true abundance. 

The mission of All of Us Crayons, is to nurture the growth of the many seeds of inclusion that accompany us daily, as we navigate through this confusing world. I hope that All of Us Crayons can bring unity - in full consciousness - in support of the growth, creativity and acceptance of the magical children in our community. 


The Back, Back Story

On September 4, 1990. My education journey in New York City began- I started my first day of Kindergarten. I remember rising that morning ready to throw on my book bag and rush out the door. Luckily for me, my school was literally attached to my apartment building so it didn’t take me long to rush into through those classroom doors.

It was only a few days into my first school year when I noticed something was different. I would always get “in trouble”. And I would be placed in corners a lot. During rest time, during classwork and most activities for me, was experienced in isolation from the rest of the class.

In a predominately white school, I was the only child of color in my class.

And at that young age, I didn't know what it meant, but I knew how I felt – alone.

I can imagine the confused hearts of those children whose instinctual desire was to be kind and create friendships, but the world around them gave them confusing messages.


What if those children could create friendships, and their own world of kindness - on a piece of paper? From their heart and soul - drowning out those confusing messages.

 I imagine what it would have felt like to receive a drawing of me, and a friend, colored with my true brown skin color. The thought of it brings me to tears.


In 2020, my daughter asked me to draw a photo of Grandma, and I couldn’t. Grandma had deep beautiful brown skin and I didn’t have a deep beautiful brown crayon color.

This was my opportunity to create a gift of representation for our children - so no child bears the sadness of feeling lonely, unseen or unappreciated.

Our children are perfect - and it is our mission to remind them of that everyday.

I hope these crayons can plant seeds of kindness, acceptance and unity – and most of all, friendships. Even if the friendships are just on a piece of paper.

Because, I promise you, from the bottom of my heart - it matters.

Thank you for being here, and thank you for honoring the skin tones of our diverse world. 


With love, joy and an abundance of gratitude,