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About Us


My name is Sabine, Founder of All of Us crayons and I am so grateful you are here.

The journey of these crayons began after I became aware of the limited choices of crayons that accurately represented skin colors and honored our diverse world. I searched everywhere, even searched internationally, and there was nothing. And in the heat of frustration, I decided create crayons myself. Day and night, trial after trial, I worked to create 8 beeswax crayons that represented skin colors that opened the door to a wider range of artistic possibilities. 

All of Us crayons were born, and new artistic roads were paved.



As a black mother, the beauty of diversity lies within me everyday as I navigate our community. Over the past few years, I have helped guide my family to embracing our culture and the cultures around us, while working to facilitate inclusion in our community.

The mission of my Instagram account @WaldorfinColor, and All of Us crayons, is to nurture the growth of the many seeds of inclusion that accompany me daily, as I navigate through our world. 

When we embrace the diversity of human beings, we are allowing ourselves to live fully and receive all the tools that connect us to joy, love and true abundance. 

I hope these crayons help guide our next generation forward with the seeds of inclusion in art, and the inner momentum to always embrace the world around them with open hearts.